What Are Some Features of a Desktop Refrigerator?

What Are Some Features of a Desktop Refrigerator?

Features of a desktop refrigerator include a small footprint, an efficient interior layout, and one or more interior shelves. Most desktop refrigerators hold snacks or beverages for a single person.

Desktop refrigerators typically have enough space to accommodate a six-pack of beverages. Some models feature an interior shelf that divides the vertical space, while others come with built-in door shelves. Desktop refrigerators usually use a recessed handle or a self-locking handle.

Because of the small size of a desktop refrigerator, some models feature an alternative power option. USB models come with a standard USB cable that plugs into the back of a computer. Other models plug into a vehicle's cigarette lighter or auxiliary port to keep drinks cool on the go. Most models are also compatible with traditional power outlets.

Desktop refrigerators usually use a different cooling system than larger models. Instead of cooling fluids, the refrigerators regulate the interior temperature with a solid-state cooling system. The appliances require little to no maintenance.

Miniature refrigerators are designed for use in small spaces, such as dorm rooms or offices. Some models feature clear doors for easy visibility, and other come with built-in bottle openers. Desktop refrigerators come in a wide range of colors and designs.