What Are Some Features of Crovel Extreme Shovels?


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The Crovel Extreme shovel features a variety of useful functions such as a spade head, a chopping edge and a pry bar. This shovel is designed to function as any tool a survivalist may need when faced with any outdoor situation. Attractive enough to see use by the military, these spades' multi-functionality provides users with a tool that is useful in all environments, according to JC Just Camping.

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Due to its hollow interior, the Crovel Extreme shovel functions with a well-balanced weight-to-spade ratio. The added weight of the Crovel shovel provides an excellent benefit when using the tool as a hammer or chopping tool. The head of the Crovel allows excellent prying and nail removal. The accessory spike on the Crovel allows for excellent splitting of wood and can also function as a weapon in case of emergency.

The Crovel Extreme shovel also features a bottle opener. Additionally, a serrated tooth that functions as a saw is attached to the head of the tool to enable the user to saw through logs and trees if necessary. With a hollow inside, it is possible for users to store other survival tools they may need in emergency situations, according to All Out Door.

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