What Features Do Crosley Small Capacity Dehumidifiers Have?


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As of 2015, Crosley small-capacity dehumidifiers are ENERGY STAR-certified and clear about 30 pints of moisture per day when operated continuously. The dehumidifiers feature casters for portability, and their collection buckets slide out from the rear for easy manual drainage.

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For users who prefer automatic drainage, Crosley dehumidifiers are configured to accommodate hose attachments. By positioning the unit near a suitable drain, the owner can allow it to run continuously, especially in a room with high or constant humidity. The dehumidifiers also have level indicators, so the user knows when to empty the collection bucket. The 30-pint models are typically for small- or medium-sized closed rooms in homes or businesses. Based on the 2015 ENERGY STAR ratings, the units are verified to use at least 15 percent less energy than uncertified models of the same capacity.

Crosley dehumidifiers offer low-temperature operation, which means they are effective at extracting humidity from the air even in cool temperatures. For example, basements or bathrooms with limited ventilation may be cool, but routinely experience high moisture levels. Dehumidifier filters capture airborne particles, such as dust, which can eventually lead to clogging and make the unit less efficient at trapping moisture. Crosley models come with removable filters that are safe to wash to prevent a buildup of debris.

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