What Are Some Features of Coleman Rooftop Air Conditioners?


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Coleman rooftop air conditioners have a variety of features, including high cooling power, low profiles, condenser coils and more. In addition to the standard Coleman 13,500 BTU RV air conditioner, Coleman's Mach series is increasingly popular and consists of the Mach 3, the Mach 15 and the Mach 8, as of 2015. Each unit comes with its own trade-offs between comfort and efficiency.

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The key distinctions between air conditioner units are output, profile and noise. Output is represented within the industry as a British thermal unit, and higher numbers indicate superior cooling capacities. Profile indicates the amount of drag the air conditioner unit creates by sticking out over the roof of an RV. Air conditioning units with lower profiles, like the Coleman Mach 8, don't stick out very high above the roof. Because they don't stick out, they create less drag and improve a vehicle's fuel efficiency.

The Coleman Mach 15 offers 15,000 British thermal units of cooling power and a large evaporator with condenser coils to dissipate heat. Consumers are often concerned that units with high cooling power generate too much noise; Coleman addresses this concern with multiple power settings so consumers can lower the power during the night while trying to sleep.

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