What Are Features of a Coleman 5000 Watt Powermate Generator?

What Are Features of a Coleman 5000 Watt Powermate Generator?

Coleman 5000 Watt Powermate generators have a gas-powered engine, a low-oil shutdown mode for safety, a 6-gallon fuel tank and over 20 hours of run time at maximum capacity. These generators provide roughly 10 HP and are suitable for indoor residential use and use on outdoor job sites. They have a maximum wattage of 6250, which is sufficient to power home accessories during outages.

Coleman 5000 Watt generators come with a standard Subaru OHV/OHC engine. This design reduces fuel consumption and creates less noise than standard generator engines, say authors at The Home Depot. These Coleman generators come with four 120-volt outlets, one 120 to 240-volt single outlet and a circuit breaker for safety.

During outages, Coleman 5000 generators can power lights, fans and radios. They can also power larger equipment like refrigerators, freezers and sump pumps. In industrial settings, Coleman generators provide power for electric equipment like chainsaws, drills, sprayers and grinders.

In addition to the machine itself, these generators come with 10-inch flat-free wheels. They also come with 1 quart of oil and an adapter cable. They have a collapsible handle and weigh approximately 150 pounds. Their compact features and light weight make these generators easy to store and transport.

Coleman 5000 generators feature a continuous voltage supply, which ensures a steady power output. They stand 25 inches high, span approximately 30 inches in length and are 20 inches wide.