What Are Some Facts About Faux Granite Countertops?


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Faux granite countertops are generally made from plywood or Masonite to which primer and several layers of paint and decorative paper have been applied. The paint and paper are applied in such a way as to make the counter top look like it is made from real granite. Multiple layers of sealant give a faux granite countertop a shiny finish and protect it from damage.

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Although some specific paints can be used to transform an existing laminate countertop into one that looks like it's made from granite, many homeowners choose to purchase pre-made, faux granite, laminate countertops. These come in a range of thicknesses, with thicker countertops generally lasting longer than thinner ones. Faux granite, laminate counters may have fancy beveled or bullnose edges, and modern products tend to very closely mimic the look of real stone. They're not as long-lasting as real stone counters, and are more easily scratched and stained with acidic liquids. However, faux granite countertops are less expensive than real granite counters.

By caring for a faux granite countertop properly, it's possible to greatly extend its life. Never cut food directly on the counter, and use a trivet when placing hot pans on its surface. Use only non-abrasive household cleaners when cleaning a faux granite counter, otherwise the surface may begin to appear dull and scratched.

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