What Faucets and Plumbing Products Does Delta Make?


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Delta creates a range of faucets for the kitchen and bathroom, along with tubs, showers, tub and shower doors and toilets. Delta creates faucets meeting the size and material requirements of all types of kitchens and bathrooms, and it offers consumers wide shower heads, Roman faucets and faucets with single and double handles, among others.

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Faucets and appliances are available from Delta in a range of colors, which helps consumers match appliances with their home decor. Available faucet colors include silver, black, white, brass, bronze and stainless steel. Prices vary among faucets and range from under $10 to over $300.

In addition to color and price, consumers can choose among several faucet designs. Some faucets feature a pull-down style, while others have a pull-out faucet head. The pull-out design is commonly installed in showers and kitchen sinks. Some faucets have single handles that control water flow and temperature, while others have a dual handle system.

While some faucets are plain and basic, others come with additional features. Faucets may have combined soap and lotion dispensers, while others have integrated water filters. Some have flow control mechanisms or adjustable water flows. In addition to faucets, consumers can find entire shower and sink systems as well as toilets and their parts and accessories from Delta.

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