What Are Some Fast-Growing Privacy Hedges?


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Some fast-growing privacy hedges are forsythia, Nellie Stevens holly and euonymus. Some others are privet and cotoneaster. Western red cedar is also commonly grown as a privacy hedge.

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Forsythia is remarkably hardy, with bright yellow foliage. It can grow up to two feet per year in width and height. Nellie Stevens holly is a low-maintenance shrub that can reach heights of up to 30 feet and produces bright red berries. Euonymus is a green hedge that grows up to two feet each year.

Privet shrubs planted a few feet apart can quickly grow into a large privacy hedge in sunny areas. Cotoneaster shrubs are often used for privacy hedges and can be recognized by their bright orange berries. Western red cedar is an evergreen that grows very fast, with some varieties able to reach heights of up to 80 feet tall.

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