How Far From the House Should I Plant a Cherry Tree?


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It is safest to plant cherry trees at least 7 yards from the house to prevent damage to the foundation, according to the Subsidence Claims Advisory Board. Cherry trees thrive in well-drained soil and sunny locations.

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How Far From the House Should I Plant a Cherry Tree?
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Generally, cherry trees do not cross-pollinate, so consider planting two or more trees with similar blooming periods for a good cherry crop. The tree and surrounding grass may compete for water nutrients, so remove the grass surrounding the tree in a 4-foot diameter. Loosen the dirt around the roots to help the roots break through the soil, and support the tree with a stake until the roots are established. Consistent watering during the last two weeks when the fruit is ripening is important. Under-watered fruit dries up, and over-watered fruit bursts open on the tree.

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