What Factors Should Be Considered Before Installing a Boiler?

What Factors Should Be Considered Before Installing a Boiler?

One of the factors to consider before installing a boiler is location. When choosing a site for boiler installation, take into account the availability of electricity, water, gas supply and natural site drainage.

Ensure the boiler area is clear of combustible materials, flammable liquids and vapors, and gasoline to avoid injury or property damage.

Another factor to consider is the boiler foundation. Avoid installing a boiler on carpeting or on combustible flooring, even if it is an aerated or concrete foundation.

An aerated boiler foundation may be used if there is a history of the floor becoming flooded, if the concrete floor is green or if there is electrical wiring buried in the concrete floor of the boiler room. Keep in mind that the size of the foundation is determined by the size of the boiler.

Combustion air and ventilation openings should be taken into account as well. Before installing a boiler, ensure there are sufficient openings in the boiler room to provide adequate combustion air and ventilation.

Other factors to consider include installing system controls or room thermostats, which are essential for reducing running costs, or adding a corrosion inhibitor to lengthen the life of the boiler. The overall cost is also a factor for some.