What Factors Influence the Cost of a Bathroom Remodel?


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Factors that influence the cost of bathroom remodeling include size of the area, location of the house, quality of appliances and energy saving measures taken. From paints and flooring materials to toilets and tubs, the type of materials people use in their bathrooms can significantly impact price. Installing luxury accessories such as heated mirrors and floors can add to the price of a bathroom renovation, but can also provide safety benefits and cut down on energy losses.

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In general, people spend approximately 5 to 10 percent of their home's total value on bathroom renovations, say authors at Consumer Reports. This figure translates to approximately $16,000, and includes the cost of appliances, materials and labor for installation. Of that amount, people spend the most, 20 percent, on labor, followed by roughly 15 percent on fixtures, cabinets and plumbing.

In addition to variables like materials and appliances, the extent of a bathroom renovation determines cost. Instead of complete overhaul, some people give bathrooms a makeover by replacing outdated appliances, floors or shelves. Simple common improvements include adding a towel bar, getting a new sink and faucet, installing a new toilet or vanity, accenting a mirror or cabinet with sconces and installing a dual light and exhaust fan.

More costly but attractive additions are skylights, heated floors, heated or framed mirrors and stain-proof grout. Skylights can bring in more natural light, while heated floors dry more quickly. Framed mirrors add aesthetic appeal, while stain-proof grout cuts down on maintenance time.

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