What Are Some Factors That Go Into an Estimate for a House Painting Job?


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Estimates for house painting jobs typically take into account the cost of paint, local labor and supplies. Costs to prepare the worksite also go into an estimate for a house painting job.

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Estimates consider the cost of the labor required to paint the house, obtaining the required materials, setup, acquiring equipment and cleanup. Labor costs vary by location and the number of paint coats required. They also differ based on the paint application method. For instance, spraying takes less time than brushing.

An estimate also takes into account the cost of purchasing and delivering materials such as solvents, masking tape and cleanup supplies to the job site. The size of the house plays a role in the estimate for a painting job, as do the costs associated with the amount of work required to effectively patch holes and minor damage. An estimate should also include the cost of treating surfaces by sanding or power washing and the cost associated with removing debris at project completion. In addition, an estimate takes into account the cost of covering adjacent surfaces that do not need to be painted.

In general, estimates for house painting jobs do not include permit or inspection fees that local building departments may require. They do not include the additional time required to remove, repair or modify the existing electrical or plumbing systems. Estimates do not include costs for testing for hazardous materials.

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