What Are Some Factors That Determine the Value of Old Bottles?


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While many factors determine the value of antique or old bottles, a few include the age, condition and color of the bottle. For an accurate evaluation, visit someone with expertise in bottle valuation.

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All old bottles are not valuable, but they are likely more valuable than a new one. How rare the bottle is factors into its value. So finding something as common as an old Coca-Cola bottle is worth less than a special edition alternative bottle.

Seams and pontil marks can help determine the age of a bottle. The pontil mark at the bottom of the bottle is where the blown glass is attached to the pontil rod. The pontil marks varied over time, spanning from the 1600s to 1941 and onward. Four types appeared: open pontil, iron pontil, smooth-based bottles and automatic bottle machine bottles. A hand blown, older bottle is generally valued more than a new, machine-made one.

The condition of the bottle also makes a difference. Look for original labels, wrappings, boxes and contents to increase the value. Obvious value-lowering items include chips, cracks, stains and extensive wear.

A bottle's color may make a difference if it appeals to collectors or is unusual for the type of bottle.

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