What Factors Determine How Much It Costs to Have Your Office Cleaned at Night?

Factors that affect the cost of cleaning an office at night include the size of the office, the type of cleaning that needs to be done and the cleaning company itself. Some companies operate on a larger scale and charge more, while others are small operations that have lower fees. Businesses should shop around when looking for a company to clean offices.

As of 2015, very small offices that require only a light cleaning on a weekly basis may pay around $20 or so for each visit. This depends largely on the size of the office, however. A small business consisting of only a few offices requiring nothing but vacuuming, dusting and wiping down countertops may get a low price. Multiple bathrooms or a large break room and kitchen to clean often add to the overall cost. Some office cleaning services are available daily, such as picking up the trash and vacuuming each office.

Labor-intensive office cleaning work is often priced based on the type of work or the square footage. For cleaning carpets instead of simply vacuuming them, companies typically charge by the square foot. Cleaning windows is often based on a flat rate. Full janitorial service for a larger building can cost over $2,000 a month if moderate or heavy cleaning is also included. Specialized cleaning, such as cleaning in healthcare facilities or auto repair shops, typically fetches higher prices.