What Factors Are Considered When People Rate a Food Steamer?


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Food steamer ratings depend on capacity, material used to make the steamer, efficiency and performance. Ratings are also dependent on the number of steamer baskets available, their sizes and usability, and the technology used for timers and displays.

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The capacity of a food steamer determines its overall ratings, and steamers that can hold more food often receive higher ratings. The capacity is determined by the number and size of available steaming baskets. Highly rated steamers come with three to four baskets of varying sizes, which allow users to steam a variety of foods simultaneously. Most steamers are made of plastic, as of 2015, but the newer stainless steel steamers receive good ratings too.

Steamer ratings also depend on the availability of a rice bowl and an egg holder that can be used together with other steaming baskets. Steamers with external units that show the water remaining while food is cooking are also rated higher. Added features such as an external water inlet also determine food steamer ratings.

The timer is an important feature in a food steamer and determines the overall steamer rating. Clockwork timers are more common, as of 2015, but steamers with digital timers have a higher rating due to the accuracy associated with this technology. Digital timers receive positive reviews since they allow users to adjust a variety of settings. Food steamers that keep food warm for longer periods also receive higher ratings.

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