What Factors Into the Average Price of Concrete Mix?


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The two major factors that affect the price of concrete mixes are quantity and quality. The quality of concrete depends on the specific characteristics of concrete components, including cement, sand, crushed stone and water. In addition, the ratio of these ingredients in the concrete mix affects the price as well.

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Different types of concrete, including decorative, stamped and stained concrete, require different ratios of ingredients. In addition, concrete mixes used to build driveways, patios and walkways also have different ratios of ingredients, and thus have different prices.

The quantity of concrete needed to complete a project is usually estimated depending on the area that needs to be covered in the material. However, it is most important to consider the volume of concrete. If the area is rectangular, the volume is the product of the length, width and thickness of the required concrete layer. The thickness of the concrete layer depends on the project that needs to be completed. For example, floors, driveways and staircases all require different thickness of the concrete layer. In addition, for thin layers of concrete, the concrete application technique strongly influences the thickness.

Other expenses that are associated with the use of concrete include surface preparation, grading, concrete forms, reinforcements and finishing. All of these factor into the final price of construction projects that use concrete.

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