What Factors Affect the Price of Carpet Cleaning?


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Factors that affect the price of carpet cleaning include what type of carpet it is, the size of the area in question, and what cleaning method is used. Another factor that affects carpet cleaning price is whether or not professional stain removal services are required.

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What Factors Affect the Price of Carpet Cleaning?
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The type of carpet affects what kind of cleaning method is used, which is taken into consideration when it comes to the price. Common carpet types include berber, cotton, wool, and cut and level loop. Wool and cotton are considered to be the hardest types of carpet to clean, and therefore are usually the most expensive.

Some carpet cleaners charge per room, while others charge by square footage. If the cleaner is charging per room, the size of the room makes a difference in the price, as a very large room may result in the customer being charged for two rooms' worth of cleaning. Those with larger houses tend to pay less for carpet cleaning when it is priced by the square foot, as travel and cleaning material expenses are typically already fixed in these cases, whereas those with smaller homes are usually charged extra for these fees.

Carpet cleaning methods include steam, dry cleaning and the use of chemicals, sometimes in combination with steam. As of October 2015, dry carpet cleaning using such methods as ChemDry, Stanley Steemer or Chem Clean were the most affordable options.

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