What Factors Affect the Installation of a Deck?


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Three factors to consider when installing a deck are required maintenance, the amount of people using the deck at any given time, and the season during which the deck will be used. Considering these three things helps determine the type of deck to install and the location in which to install it.

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What Factors Affect the Installation of a Deck?
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The first thing to consider is the amount of maintenance required. Maintenance is very important in extending the life of a deck and it is important to be honest about limitations like physical ability of the person responsible for upkeep, time and money. Some decking materials require much more maintenance than others.

The second thing to consider is the amount of people the deck is designed to hold. A deck constructed to entertain a large crowd requires a different size and materials than one used just for family.

The third consideration is the time of year that the deck will be used. The local climate and location of the sun affects the type of decking material, as well as any additional features that the owner may want to add. For instance, if the deck is going to be used year-round, the owner might consider adding heaters for the winter and fans or shade for the summer.

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