What Factors Affect Custom Home-Building Costs?

What Factors Affect Custom Home-Building Costs?

Custom home-building costs are affected by the area where the home stands, the design, the special features and the overall build and material quality. Custom home-building prices are also affected by the home's size.

Experts recommend disregarding the cost per square foot rule of thumb when building a new custom home because there are so many variables to consider, notes BYOH.com.

One of the major considerations to take into account when building a new custom home is size. The larger the home, the more it costs to build, but the less it may cost per square foot. Spreading rooms like kitchens and bathrooms over more square feet can reduce the square footage costs considerably.

The design of the home affects the final cost. Everything from the size and pitch of the roof to the number of windows can alter how much a custom home costs. Even the design of the foundation affects the price.

The quality of materials used to build a home is an obvious factor that affects the home's price. Taking the time to find the best materials for the money will help homebuilders save in the long run.

Something else that is important to keep in mind is the utility setup. Utilities such as electricity and gas, combined with the permits for these items, can quickly drive up the cost of a home.

It is more expensive to build a custom home in some states than it is in others. The location of the home also affects its building cost based on permitting requirements, local labor wages and local material costs.