What Factors Affect the Cost of Alarm Installation?


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Factors affecting installation costs of home alarm systems include the type of system the homeowner selects, the location of the home and the number of monitors it requires. Systems with off-site monitoring also require a monthly service fee in addition to the installation costs. Units that offer home automation and alarms are more expensive than alarm systems alone.

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What Factors Affect the Cost of Alarm Installation?
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Wired systems require more labor for installation than wireless systems. Wireless systems are a good choice for properties that are difficult to monitor with conventional units. They use cellular signals to alert the monitoring company, so there are no wires for intruders to cut. Units that monitor for both fire and intruders cost more than those that monitor for only one service.

The cost of labor varies greatly across the United States and affects installation costs. Monitoring fees are substantially higher in some areas than others. Owners should ask for cost estimates from several companies to find the best price.

A small home with an open floorplan requires fewer monitors than a large home that requires monitoring of several areas. Each additional monitor adds to the installation cost of the system. The types of monitors the owner selects also affect the installation cost.

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