What Fabrics Are Used in Flexsteel Furniture?

Flexsteel furniture offers four types of fabric classifications, including centered florals and prints, designer textiles, plaid and stripes, and non-matched fabrics. Fabric colors include neutrals such as beige, brown, gray and black, and various shades of blue, gold, green and red.

Customers can obtain Flexsteel furniture fabric swatches from local furniture retailers, and get assistance in making choices about fabric options. Flexsteel fabric styles are identified by numerical code and durability descriptions including delicate, light-duty, medium-duty and heavy-duty. Flexsteel offers a choice of furniture fabric textures including classic textile cloth, tweed, easy-care vinyl and leather. Customers can contact a Flexsteel furniture dealer to order replacement fabric for repairs.

Flexsteel offers tips on cleaning various types of furniture fabrics, and the fabrics used for its furniture must be cleaned according to American Home Furnishings Alliance standards. Furniture with fabric covers needs to be regularly cleaned with a furniture brush or vacuumed to remove dust. Upholstered furniture requires professional cleaning, because professionals are capable of safely handling toxic cleaning solutions. Flexsteel cleaning codes indicate what type of cleaners to use, and some recommendations require using cleaners that contain mostly water, foam, petroleum distillate or detergent. Certain furniture pieces must never be cleaned using commercial cleaning products, and only need to be brushed or vacuumed.