How Do You Exterminate Stink Bugs?


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To exterminate stink bugs, remove weeds, cover garden plants, drown adult bugs, crush egg clusters, spray remaining bugs with pesticide, and place a residual protectant around the landscape perimeter. The supplies you need are row covers, a bucket, water, dish soap, pesticide, a spray bottle and a timed-release protectant.

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  1. Remove weeds

    Remove weeds from the garden, lawn and landscape.

  2. Install row covers

    Place light covers over garden plants.

  3. Kill adult stink bugs with soapy water

    Fill a bucket with water, add a squirt of dish soap, and set the bucket under an infested plant. Shake the plant vigorously, and let the bugs drop into the bucket and drown in the soapy water. Repeat with the rest of the plants, changing the water if necessary.

  4. Remove egg clusters

    Search the leaves for stink bug eggs, pluck them off, and crush them.

  5. Kill remaining stink bugs with diluted pesticide

    Pour 2 tablespoons of pesticidal soap into an empty spray bottle, fill the bottle with water, and shake it. Keep this mixture on hand to kill remaining adult stink bugs as you find them.

  6. Apply residual protectant to the property perimeter

    For long-term protection against stink bugs and other pests, apply a timed-release residual protectant around the perimeter of the property.

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