How Do You Exterminate Springtails?


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Exterminate springtails by using a spreader to broadcast a granulated insecticide in damp areas around the outside of the home, such as mulched flower beds, followed by application of a perimeter spray, such as Onslaught or Fenvastar Plus. Indoors, reduce moisture by using a dehumidifer in areas of the home where humidity is a problem.

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Springtails are tiny insects, ranging from .25 to 6 millimeters long, who usually inhabit damp soil where they feed on fungus and mold. They infest homes where moisture problems persist from poor ventilation or wet construction. While springtails do not cause structural damage to the home and pose a health hazard, they are prolific and reproduce quickly. Thousands may be present in a home. Correct the damp conditions in the home to eradicate them and prevent reinfestation.

Check areas where mold and mildew grow, such as under kitchen and bathroom sinks, around leaky doors and windows, and in bathrooms with poor ventilation. Inspect attics and basements for moisture damage where springtails feed. Apply insecticide to areas where springtails are present, and take steps to eliminate the moisture.

Reduce the risk of attracting springtails into the home by eliminating them from the surrounding landscape. Apply insecticide to damp areas surrounding the home, including mulched flower beds, soil around bushes and trees, and wood piles. Repeat the treatments as needed to prevent infestation.

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