How Do You Exterminate Moles From a Yard?


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The most effective method for exterminating moles is usually trapping them with either a live or kill trap. Aa number of mole repellents, fumigants and toxic bait products may also help to eliminate or drive away moles under certain circumstances.

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Although trapping is not necessarily a quick or easy task, it is still the most practical and most effective option. Nonetheless, a few alternatives exist to trapping for those who would prefer not to have to dispose of the dead moles. One such option is the use of a mole repellent product. Most of these products contain castor bean oil, which has been shown to be at least somewhat effective at chasing away moles. However, these are typically only effective against the eastern mole species.

A number of gas cartridges and other mole fumigants are commercially available, but these are normally quite limited in their effectiveness, as the tunnels are usually too long and porous for the gas to have much of an effect. A number of pesticides and toxic bait products may also help exterminate moles. The most effective of these products are either pesticide gels that are squeezed directly into the holes or worm-shaped baits that the moles confuse for food.

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