How Do You Exterminate Moles?


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The most effective methods of removing moles are using poisoned bait or putting traps in runs commonly traveled by a mole, notes the Purdue Plant & Pest Diagnostic Laboratory. Many traditional remedies, such as using human hair, mothballs, razor blades or chewing gum, are completely ineffective.

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How Do You Exterminate Moles?
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A mole's diet consists mostly of the ubiquitous earthworm. Since earthworms are almost impossible to eliminate, moles are unable to be starved out of a yard. However, moles can be tricked with poisoned bait designed to taste and smell like earthworms. This bait can be laced with Bromethalin, which is poisonous to moles, explains the Purdue Plant & Pest Diagnostic Laboratory.

Moles can also be removed with traps like the scissor trap or harpoon trap. They often follow undergound paths, called runs, in a regular and consistent pattern. Traps can be placed in the mouth of these runs, killing any moles that try to exit. When determining where to place a trap or bait, look for a run that was used recently. This can be accomplished by interfering with the opening of the run and seeing if the mole fixes it by the next day. When searching for methods to get rid of moles, be wary of advertising that promotes bizarre strategies to control them, recommends the Purdue Plant & Pest Diagnostic Laboratory. The best methods are bait and traps.

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