How Do You Exterminate Chipmunks?


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Small cage traps or bait traps set with peanut butter or seeds attract chipmunks so that they can be safely relocated. Checking the traps routinely ensures that it is still properly set with plenty of bait to attract the chipmunk.

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Generally, poison, is warned against as this can possibly kill other neighborhood animals. Deterrents that include a variety of predatory animal scents typically ward off chipmunks without the need for extermination. These pest deterrent animal scents are crystalline forms of urine made from animals, such as bobcats, coyotes and foxes. This type of pest deterrent requires reapplication and typically lasts for three weeks. Though reapplication is common, after a few rounds of treatment this can give chipmunks plenty of time to find shelter elsewhere.

Other methods of exterminating focus more on prevention by controlling the availability of shelter for chipmunks. Any cracks or entry into walkways, garages and patios can give these small critters entry. Once these are sealed, the lawn is the next place to examine. Excessive shrubbery and lawn ornaments, such as bird baths and cement statues, give chipmunks easy places to hide where they can maintain safety. Tracking where the chipmunk runs away to gives away this small animal's hiding places.

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