How Do You Exterminate Bees?

To exterminate bees, locate the nesting area, and apply powdered insecticide to the nest. Allow the pesticide several weeks to eradicate the bees completely, and then remove the nest to avoid attracting other pests to the area. Wash the area thoroughly after removing the nest.

  1. Locate the nest

    Bees can nest in wall voids, hollow trees or underground. Closely observe bee activity on your property to locate the nest. Some bees, such as carpenter bees, enter the hive through small holes in unpainted wood.

  2. Apply insecticides

    To exterminate bees in a wall cavity, put on protective clothing, and drill 1/8-inch holes directly over the nest. Pour powdered insecticide, such as boric acid or bendiocarb, into the holes using a puff-style applicator bottle. Allow the insecticide several weeks to exterminate the bee colony completely. To prevent stings, apply the insecticide when temperatures are very low.

  3. Remove the nest

    Remove the nest and any dead bees in the wall void to avoid attracting other pests to the area. Put on protective gear, and open the wall. Dispose of the nest or comb, and wash the wall with soapy water. Leave the wall open for 2 weeks to allow the area to dry completely.