What Are Some Exterior Stucco Colors?


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While stucco colors traditionally come in neutral earth tones such as brown, beige and gray, a full range of colors is available for exterior stucco, including pinks, lavenders and greens. Bright yellow, muted or tan yellow, and white or whitish gray are also used on stucco structures. Pairing two or three colors, such as deep yellow with burnt orange or white stucco with peach framing around doors and windows, creates a custom look, but it typically increases the cost.

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Because stucco is textured, undertones in the paint color stand out differently depending on the light. Adding a touch of gold to a base paint color adds a glow to a home's exterior at sunset, while a little blue in white paint can appear blue depending on the time of day. Bright trim or doors are options when the home's exterior stucco is in a neutral color or in earth tones. Brighter colors, such as forest or olive green, call for neutral trim.

It is important to also consider and coordinate color choices with the existing roof color or the color of other architectural elements, such as brick facings. Additionally, a black roof tends to give any color a slightly darker feel, and weathered wood shingles accentuate the cooler tones in the paint color. Another option for exterior stucco is the addition of a glaze coat, which adds an antique touch and more depth to the color.

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