What Are Some Exterior Siding Options?

What Are Some Exterior Siding Options?

Some exterior siding options include stucco, stone veneer, brick and cement fiber. There are also multiple forms of wood siding, including engineered wood and cedar shakes.

Wood siding is an option for the exterior of homes. Cedar shingle shakes, also called cedar shingles, use natural cedar either with its own color or stained a brown, gray or neutral color. Wood shakes provide the look of real wood with less expense and maintenance than wood clapboards. Stain is better than paint for achieving another color since it doesn’t peel as easily.

For the look of wood with easier maintenance and a simpler installation, engineered wood siding is a good choice. This is made up of multiple materials, including wood, hardboard and plywood.

Stucco is another good option due to its low cost and ease of application. Cement with sand or lime typically combine to create stucco. It shapes into different types of styles, so most architectural designs can use stucco as the siding. It works well when applied to wood walls, brick and stone surfaces.

Stone veneer is a highly durable type of exterior siding and often utilizes stone, such as slate, limestone or granite. It is more expensive, but lasts longer and can handle most weather conditions.