What Is an "exploded Diagram" of a Dishwasher?


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An exploded diagram of a dishwasher is a technical line drawing that details all the parts of the machine and how they relate to each other. These drawings are usually found in owner's manuals or in reference materials used by technicians to make repairs.

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The name "exploded diagram" comes from the similarity of the drawing to what a small, controlled explosion would do if it originated inside the dishwasher. The parts are pushed out, and up, with the individual nuts, bolts and other pieces drawn separately. The drawings are orderly, typically showing how one piece fits into another to build the dishwasher.

Exploding diagrams in owner's manuals may not be as extensive as those in a technician's manual. In the owner's manual, the exploded diagram could just be a line drawing with the dish racks done separately and the accessories noted. In a technical manual, every nut and bolt is shown and labeled, and the order of attachment is fully outlined.

If a client is missing the owner's manual, copies of the exploded diagrams can be found online, either from the manufacturer or websites that specialize in providing these drawings. Generally, the make, model number and year are needed to get the correct diagram.

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