How Do Experts Repair Iron Railings?

How Do Experts Repair Iron Railings?

Experts repair iron railings with threaded metal rods, auto body filler, palette knives, wire brushes, rust preventative primer paint and an oil-based enamel paint. The process for repairing iron railings can vary depending on what damage has occurred.

Minimal rust and peeling paint are a relatively easy fix, even for those who aren't experts. Repairing broken railings and supports requires a little more effort. It is important to wear work gloves and goggles when performing this job to keep metal flakes out of the eyes and skin.

  1. Remove rust and prime
  2. Use a stiff wire brush to remove loose peeling paint and rust flakes. Brush away any small bits of loose rust, as these can prevent the primer from adhering to the iron railing. Examine any broken rails and supports. Brush and break away loose metal.

  3. Repair broken railings
  4. Measure the gap between any broken railings and supports. Most cast iron railings are hollow inside, so the gap can be filled with a durable threaded metal rod. Secure the rod in place with a heavy coating of auto body filler inside and outside the metal railing. Use the palette knife to mold the filler into roughly the shape of the railing. The filler will shrink as it dries, so make sure the shape is larger than the railing. Sand the filler down to match the railing when completely dry.

  5. Paint the iron railing
  6. Apply the rust preventing primer to the entire exterior of the railing. Allow this to dry. Apply two coats of an oil-based enamel paint to the entire exterior of the metal railing. Allow it to dry before using.