How Do Experts Repair Damaged Decorative Concrete?


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The method for repairing damaged decorative concrete depends on the type of concrete and the type and extent of the damage. For example, repairing damage to stamped concrete is not the same as repairing damage for colored or stained concrete.

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Repairing an acid-stained floor requires preparing the surface of the concrete and running a water-absorption test, according to the experts at ConcreteNetwork.com. After determining that the damaged concrete has the ability to soak up the stain, the area of concern should be stained again and left to dry. Acid-stained concrete requires regular maintenance, including keeping up with the floor's protective sealer. Seal the floor, then use a top coat of wax for best results and to avoid further damage to acid-stained concrete.

One of the most common problems with stamped concrete is cracking. Homeowners can repair small cracks and fractures in stamped concrete with cement-colored paste or color patch. Generally, experts recommend seeking the assistance of a cement contractor when repairing large areas of stamped concrete, but smaller cracks can be repaired at home. ConcreteNetwork.com recommends repairing these cracks with a color patch material mixed with a concrete bonding polymer and filling in the cracks using a wooden tongue depressor.

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