How Do Experts Fix Home Sewer Backup Problems?


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Experts fix home sewer backup problems by first turning off the water main and then opening up the sewer clean-out line to relieve the water pressure and stop further backup. They then run a drain snake, also called an auger or cable, through the main sewage pipe and any affected secondary pipes to remove clogs.

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In older homes, some of the most common causes of a home sewer backup are tree roots growing within the pipes. The roots infiltrate the pipes by working their way into pipe joints or small cracks in the pipes themselves. A professional plumber can use a snake or high-pressure water jets to remove these roots and clear the clog. With regular maintenance to remove new root growth, a homeowner may avoid a total replacement of the sewer line.

Newer homes often develop clogs due to feminine hygiene products and paper products being flushed down the toilet. Once a professional clears the clog, the homeowner should throw away common clog culprits in the trash to prevent further problems. If the plumber cannot locate the clog, she can use a camera to inspect the interior of the sewage pipes and determine the problem.

Gurgling sounds coming from the drains or bubbling sounds coming from toilets are some of the first indicators of a developing clog. A clog in the main sewer pipe could cause noises throughout the entire house, but if the clog occurs in a secondary pipe, only a single room may develop problems. Homeowners should call a licensed plumber the moment they suspect a clog to prevent sewage backups.

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