How Expensive Is a Propane Heater Regulator to Replace?


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As of 2015, propane heater regulators cost as low as $12 and up to $110 for premium models listed on websites such as Tractor Supply Co. and PropaneProducts.com. The types of propane heater regulators available include automatic changeover, adjustable, two-stage, high-pressure and low-pressure regulators.

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Propane heater regulators control the flow of gas and lower the pressure from the tank to the appliance in propane gas systems, explains Propane101. Regulators also serve as safety barriers from the high pressures of propane tanks.

Tractor Supply Co. offers propane heater regulators for as low as $8 and up to around $40, as seen on the company website. Most of the products fall between $10 and $30. Tractor Supply Co. sells high- and low-pressure, auto-changeover and two-stage regulators, as well as propane hoses with attached regulators. The products feature consumer ratings, product numbers, descriptions and in-store availability.

PropaneProducts.com sells a variety of propane product parts and accessories. Propane heater regulators range from around $10 up to $110 for high-end models. Most regulators are available for under $30. Product pages include the product description, product type, size, images and product specifications. The stated specifications include dimensions, price savings and product compatibility. A built-in referral system on each product page allows users to recommend an item to friends or coworkers via email.

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