How Expensive Is a Dyson Replacement Battery?

Replacement Dyson batteries for the DC16, DC31, DC35, and DC44 vacuum cleaners cost around $70 each on, as of 2015. Contact Dyson support via email or telephone for advice on changing batteries in other cordless and handheld models.

James Dyson launched his first handheld cleaner, the DC16, in 2007. Over time, the range has been extended to include models for different types of flooring and stick handhelds that function like conventional corded uprights.

Dyson batteries vary in charging time and run time. Charge time is generally upwards of three hours, and run time can be between six to 26 minutes depending on the battery model. Dyson vacuums usually have an LED battery status light. Check the user manual for specific information about the meaning of the colors.

Rechargeable batteries commonly last for 400 to 1,000 charges. Replace the battery if it fails to charge or does not hold a charge for very long. While other manufacturers sell batteries compatible with Dyson products, use of an unapproved battery could damage the vacuum or invalidate any warranty. Dispose of unwanted batteries safely at a recycling facility.