What Are Some Exmark Commercial Mower Models?


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Exmark commercial mower models include the Vantage X and S-series, and the Lazer Z X-series. The Vantage Exmark mower models are commercial stand-on mowers while the Lazer Z models are zero-turn mowers.

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The Vantage X-series of mowers come in three distinct models. Each model has a progressively larger cutting deck and a different engine that distinguishes it from other designs in the Vantage X-series family. The VTX651GKA48400 model has a 48-inch cutting deck and a Kawasaki engine, while the VTX730EKC52400 and the VTX740EKC60400 models have a 52- and 60-inch deck, respectively, along with Kohler brand engines.

The Vantage S-series includes six different models that range in size from a 36- to a 52-inch cutting deck. The series mower models are designed with engines from both Kawasaki and Kohler, and the largest model, the VTS740PKC52400, takes propane fuel.

The Lazer Z X-series of zero-turn mowers features seven different models that are significantly larger than the Vantage mower models. The largest mower of the Lazer Z X-series is the LZX980EKC726T0 model that boasts a 72-inch cutting deck and an E-Gov Kohler engine. The LZX980EKC726T0 mower model also comes equipped with Exmark's patented RED technology that is designed to allow the user to define operation modes and monitor the mower's system and clutch while it is operating.

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