How Is the Exhaust Vent Installed for a Stacked Washer and Dryer?

The exhaust vent for a stacked washer and dryer is installed by putting a flexible exhaust duct end onto the dryer's exhaust opening, then putting the exhaust duct's open end onto the home's venting duct. Both ends are secured with band clamps and a screwdriver.

A band clamp is necessary because the dryer exhaust creates a rapid motion which can force the duct off if it is not secured. Installation instructions vary depending on the model of the washer and dryer. Setting up a stacked washer and dryer also typically requires hooking up electrical cords, water lines and drain lines.

Stacked washers and dryers use less horizontal space, which allows them to be set up in small areas, such as a closet or the corner of a garage. This also gives one more space to move around when doing laundry. Stacked washers and dryers can be purchased as a set, or one can buy the washer and dryer separately, then stack them. The dryer is usually set on top of the washer.

Common widths of stacked washers and dryers are 24 or 27 inches, as of March 2015. A 220 volt power outlet is often required for standard sized machines, but a 110 volt outlet may be sufficient for compact machines.