What Are Some Examples of Wrap-Around Porch Designs?


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Some examples of wrap-around porch designs are the corner wrap-around porch, the full-front wrap-around porch and the full-house wrap-around porch. The latter consists of a porch that circumvents the entire house, while the full-front wrap-around porch extends along the entire front and wraps around both corners, but ends at the sides. The corner wrap-around has a porch that starts at the middle of the house and wraps around one corner only.

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Another example of a wrap-around porch is a house with a porch along the entire front of the house that wraps around one corner and one side of the house. The screened porch and wood deck on the ground floor are topped by an open balcony on the second floor.

A single-story ranch house contains two covered porches, one along the L-shaped front of the house and the other along the L-shaped back of the house. Instead of just one covered porch, a farmhouse design boasts two. The first covered porch wraps around the front and sides of the house, while the grilling porch is located in the back, suitable for outside family dinners. A modular-shaped modern house boasts a zigzag porch along one side of the house with the natural roof overhangs creating a covered look.

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