What Are Some Examples of Weird Furniture?


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Rodolfo Rocchetti from Tappezzeria Rocchetti created stylized animal-shaped sofas. Each sofa features a fake animal head and is upholstered in material designed to look like the animal's hide. One of the sofas is designed to look like a tiger with a long tail, and another resembles a fully grown lion in repose.

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Another weird piece of furniture is the Fractal 23 created by Takeshi Miyakawa. It is a modular drawer system that is shaped like a cube. It has 23 differently sized drawers ranging from extremely minuscule to the size of a standard dresser drawer. The smaller drawers are almost too tiny to successfully store anything inside.

There is also a furniture/plant hybrid created by a company called Mindscape. Each piece of furniture is constructed in a unique shape and is covered in fresh, green grass. Another weird piece is the Cocoon 1 by Micasa Labs. The Cocoon 1 is a transparent sphere that allows a person to relax, sleep or even cook in the confines of the six-foot round pod. It comes with colorful modules that resemble pillows, a storage area and a sink. It also comes with an attachment to anchor the sphere in place, a net to suspend it from the ceiling or in a tree, and water and power hook ups.

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