What Are Examples of Reusable Building Materials?


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Examples of reusable building materials include wood waste, doors, windows, cabinets and flooring. Reusable building materials include those that construction companies use in the conventional way, adapt for new uses or recycle for new uses.

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What Are Examples of Reusable Building Materials?
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Many building materials are useful as they are. With careful removal of a door and doorframe in a deconstruction project, the materials are ready to install in the new one. Framing materials from one location are reusable in another, as are carpets and plumbing fixtures. Some of these materials, such as cabinets, may require refinishing or the addition of a new countertop but reduce the consumption of natural resources for the new project.

Other ways of reusing building materials include using scrap from other industries in construction, such as converting scrap auto windshields into glass windows for a home. Builders convert railroad boxcars into modular units to construct homes or airplane fuselages into a hotel. Other adaptive projects take glass from former high-rise buildings and use it to build a sunroom for a new home.

Manufacturers use old carpets to make new insulation. Decking manufacturers use discarded milk jugs and sawdust to make decking, and aluminum recyclers convert old soda and beer cans into aluminum siding.

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