What Are Some Examples of Primitive and Country Home Decor?

Examples of primitive and country home decors include items with simple, handmade folk art designs; antique with usable qualities; with rustic, natural textures and earth tone hues.

Primitive and country home decor is simple. Pieces are not overly ornamental. The decor looks homemade by an untrained artist. Folk art falls into the primitive, country category. Items to consider are woven baskets and wreaths, barn stars, wooden signs and pottery. Find antiques or antique replicas that have a useful purpose. Items such as mason jars, tin washboards, punch tin lanterns, old window panes and furniture, barrels and metal buckets. Consider using Grandma's quilts and throw pillows.

Rustic textures have untainted wood or distressed wood, distressed or whitewash paint looks. Watch for natural textures such as yarn, hemp, gauze and linen with homespun qualities. Plaid, gingham and striped designs add to the primitive atmosphere. Primitive and country decor have hues found from the earth. Think of black like tar, red like clay, green like leaves, blue and gray like the sky, deep brown and yellow. These colors, though rich, will still have rustic textures.