What Are Some Examples of Outdoor Tree Houses for Kids?

What Are Some Examples of Outdoor Tree Houses for Kids?

One example of an outdoor tree house for kids is a simple house-like structure made of lightweight wood built directly into the branches of a tree. Another example is a play structure, complete with slide and sliding pole, that is partially attached to a tree for support.

Tree houses for kids vary in complexity and design. The only necessary component of a tree house is a sturdy tree that can hold the weight of the structure and the children inside it.

The simplest of children's tree houses is a wooden structure using the branches of the tree for support. The way into the tree house is generally a ladder or staircase. Tree houses like this provide a place for kids to go where they can play and look down at the yard.

More complicated tree houses for children incorporate elements such as slides, climbing walls, porches and custom paint. Adding these features to a tree house can be complicated but provides activities for children and can make the tree house a piece of art.

Tree houses for children should be designed with safety foremost in mind. A tumble from a tree could leave a child seriously injured, so the builder should take precautions.