What Are Some Examples of Outdoor Metal Wall Hangings?


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Examples of outdoor metal hangings include plaques, tiles, monograms and hanging signs. A few other great ideas for metal wall decor include wall panels and wall sculptures.

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Metal plaques can have a distressed finish or a metallic, mirrored or gold finish with quatrefoil, scrolled, embossed, cream rosette or fleur-de-lis detailing on the surface. Colors vary from red, yellow and brown to ivory and turquoise. Many plaques do not require any special mounting equipment as they are ready to be wall mounted. Also, they require minimal maintenance and can be cleaned with a soft dust cloth.

Tiles come in an array of medallion styles, primarily with embossed, decorative floral or leafy accents and a distressed copper, rusted silver, pewter or teal finish. Monograms and hanging signs are crafted with or without hooks and hanging ropes. They usually have a black metal, galvanized metal or rust-free cast aluminium finish. Wall sculptures are made of copper or soldered with silver with a UV-stable finish. They are easy to clean with just a dry cloth.

Metal wall panels are high quality digital images, paintings or handicrafts on metal or sheet metal. They may have a three-dimensional effect and look different from different viewing angles. They require brackets and mounting tape for mounting. Some metal wall hangings can be lighted and many of them feature abstract, botanical, people-oriented, astronomical or religious themes.

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