What Are Some Examples of John Deere Error Codes and Their Meanings?


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John Deere error codes include 13/30 implement overload, meaning too many devices are connected to the system, 02/110 cursor X 199, meaning there is a software problem that needs checked by the dealer and B6/20 implement problem, which is a wiring or power problem. The error codes that come up on a John Deere item will be time stamped and stored for later review.

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Most systems can store up to 12 error codes before they start to be deleted from the system. Memory failure code 110 can indicate that the system has tried to store a problem code three times and failed. Implement disconnection showing on the screen means that one or more monitors or controllers have become disconnected. Too many drives on the CAN bus means that too many things are connected to the communication system.

The screen on the display can also be a warning sign that something is wrong. If a doubled display appears then it is a good indicator that the communication lines have been crossed, either the power to ground or ground to power. Novram 150 is an indicator of a voltage spike. The TVP circuit needs to be checked and the system rebooted if this error appears. The image of a skull and crossbones on the display means that the CAN communication line has had a severe error and the system will need checked before a reboot.

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