What Are Some Examples of Japanese Style Furniture?

What Are Some Examples of Japanese Style Furniture?

Some examples of Japanese style furniture are tatami mats, fusuma, chests known as dansu, and andon lights. Tatami mats are made of rush grass wrapped around a core of rice straw. They have been used in Japanese homes since at least the 8th century.

Tatami mats were originally used as seating for nobles, and by the 17th century, they were used to cover the entire floor of a room. Rooms were measured by how many tatami mats they could hold.

Fusuma are sliding doors made of cardboard and fabric or paper and are used to separate rooms or closets. They are about six feet tall and three feet wide, or roughly the same size as tatami mats. They are often painted with motifs taken from nature and slide along a lubricated rail. They are similar to shoji, which are also sliding room dividers, but shoji are made from wood and translucent rice paper.

There are several types of Japanese chests. The heya-dansu is a room cabinet, which has compartments and drawers to store items. Large examples of these chests often come in two pieces so they can be easily moved. Many types of dansu have elaborate metal fittings.

Andons are traditional portable lanterns. They are made out of paper stretched over a frame of metal, bamboo or wood. Burning oil or a candle is placed within for light.