What Are Examples of Industrial-Style Furniture?


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A common example of industrial-style furniture is creating furniture pieces by combining industrial machine bases with well-crafted wooden table tops to create dining tables, desks and side tables. Industrial-style focuses on using industry-specific materials in a new way.

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Industrial-style furniture is often composed of raw or powder-coated metal and wood. Factory-style stools and chairs are a common means of introducing industrial style into the home. Metal carts and desks are also indicative of industrial-style home furnishings. Be creative in placement and use when decorating in this style. A metal cart is a perfect bar cart, but can also make a functional side table or vanity. Salvaged materials, including pulleys, ladders, workbench lamps and signage, accessorize the industrial-style home.

Industrial-style furniture can also be crafted by incorporating materials in new ways. Combine steel pipe fittings to form unique bookshelves anywhere in the home, both wall-mounted and free-standing displays on pipe-created shelves in the bedroom and books or photographs in the living room. Hang coats in the entryway on pipe fittings assembled with industrial knobs. Pipe fittings can also be used to create unexpected lamps and lighting fixtures. Use a combination of fittings to imitate a traditional lamp base or drape steel pipes with crystals to craft a chandelier with exposed bulbs.

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