What Are Some Examples of Ground Squirrel Bait?


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Typical baits used for ground squirrels and similar rodents include nuts, grains and vegetable scraps. Almonds and walnuts, sunflower seeds, oats or barley, watermelon rinds, berries and fruit are also on the menu for ground squirrels, and they usually tempt the squirrels into trapping or shooting range. The baits are all used “as is,” with no further preparation necessary, although commercial baits are available too.

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What Are Some Examples of Ground Squirrel Bait?
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In addition to the types of bait used for trapping and shooting operations, toxic baits can be used to kill ground squirrels as well. These usually rely on an anti-coagulant chemical, which prevents the squirrels’ blood from clotting. Eventually, these poisons cause the squirrels to bleed to death internally. These baits do not work after one feeding. According to the University of California, ground squirrels must eat the bait for five consecutive days to cause death. Always check with local wildlife authorities or the local university extension office to find out what forms of ground squirrel control are legal in your area.

Be sure to destroy all ground squirrel burrows after you have trapped the occupants. Rather than simply filling them in, the holes must be ripped apart to a depth of at least 20 inches below the surface.

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