What Are Examples of Cool Teapots?

What Are Examples of Cool Teapots?

A plain teapot is usually silver or copper in color, but cool teapots may include those that are painted or embellished with vibrant colors and designs, such as red, purple and polka-dots. Other examples of cool teapots are ones that have unique shapes, wild animals and famous buildings, or ones with ornately decorated handles.

Pinterest has a large gallery of pin boards with photographs of elaborately designed teapots. Photos include teapots shaped like pieces of fruit, skulls and Disney characters.

Smashing Lists has photos of 21 imaginatively decorated teapots. Highlights include teapots shaped like a cell phone, a lipstick stand and an eyeball.

UmiTeaSets sells a wide variety of novelty teapots. Many of the teapots are ceramic and can only be used for decorative purposes. These are the types of teapots that many collectors enjoy purchasing, and they are also great to use as gifts.

The Independent published a list of the 10 Best Teapots that mostly includes small and stylish one-cup or two-cup designer teapots.

Odee has a list of several whimsical teapots, a few of which are inspired by animals and cartoon characters. There's also an interesting futuristic-style stainless steel teapot that features a heat-resistant borosilicate glass tube in the middle of it.