What Are Some Examples of Compact Bathroom Designs?

examples-compact-bathroom-designs Credit: Kieran Wills/E+/Getty Images

Some of the best ideas for compact bathrooms include built-in showers or tubs. A small bathroom can be tiled so that a part of the flooring is sloped downwards in the direction of the drain, with the shower head placed lower than usual to avoid splashing of water.

Other tips for small and compact bathrooms are placing the sink, the toilet and the shower or tub on one wall, if possible, to reduce the plumbing installation costs. Sliding glass doors that separate the shower from the rest of the bathroom can make spaces seem larger. Although a shower is usually a better option, built-in bathtubs can also be nicely incorporated in the design of a compact bathroom, particularly if a smaller tub is chosen.

White color walls or light tiles make a space seem bigger, and tiles placed diagonally will reduce the effect of cramped space in a small bathroom. All elements placed in the bathroom must interact with each other and the surrounding space well, and they also need to be functional. Small spaces shouldn't be filled with excess and unnecessary furniture or accessories. Storage that reaches the ceiling can be very functional, and it can look nice at the same time.