What Are Some Examples of Cleaning Schedules?


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An example of a cleaning schedule is a weekly chart with small chores that need to be done on each day, such as wiping down walls on Wednesdays and cleaning the bathrooms on Thursdays. Cleaning schedules can be broken up in any intervals and can be customized to each home's needs.

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Cleaning schedules can be as simple as a checklist that shows what needs to be done daily in the house to keep it tidy. These schedules can break down each room of the house, such as the living room or master bedroom, and give a list of items that need to be completed each day. Another way to make a cleaning list is by the week. By assigning small tasks to each day, a house can stay clean just by designating a few minutes to the day's chores.

By combining the weekly deep cleaning tasks, such as cleaning toilet bowls on Thursdays, with daily tasks, such as washing the dishes and putting dirty clothes in the hamper, a household can run smoothly with minimal effort.

Many pre-made printable cleaning schedules can be found online at many domestication sites such as Happy Money Saver. The website Living Well Spending Less provides good advice for how to make a customized schedule and has printable schedules already drawn up.

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